COACH AZ 509-838-1887 Tools to Lead, Collaborate, Succeed

Developing Leaders:

Clearing the path

Alison’s invitation to be candid frames the success of your collaboration from day one. You will find her to be an engaging listener who effectively integrates perspectives you bring to the table. As part of your executive leadership development program expect to get specific about goals and what they will look like when reached. Equally important are concerns or reservations that can slow the coaching process or derail your leadership and management  development.

Building on the best 

Based upon the Birkman Method ® self-assessment tool, you will benefit  from a comprehensive profile that details your strengths, naturally effective behavior, as well as what you need personally to be at your best in relationships and the overall work setting.

Getting to it

Expect Coach AZ to be a champion of your success. Look forward to a plan for leadership skill development that moves toward your goals in a timely manner without sacrificing the time you need to process new information and practice new skills.

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