Harness Your Power

Power enhances being goal oriented, self-interested and taking risks, all of which can be critical leadership qualities when used responsibly. That’s the key: to harness your power without it getting the best of you.

How? One of the most direct ways is though meaningful, timely and regular feedback from people who will be honest with you and with whom you share mutual trust and respect.

Ask for the feedback. Be open in wanting to know and learn from their opinions. Some examples:

“what am I doing that I should continue?” “what do I do well?’
“what could I do differently (please be specific)?”
“what should I consider stopping because it gets in the way, is annoying, isn’t effective?”
“what would be helpful for me to learn?” “who else can help me learn what I need to learn?”

Give people an opportunity to provide the feedback face-to-face, on the phone or in writing, whatever is easiest for them.

Of course you then need to do something with that input.

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